This Christmas, give the gift of beauty

After the last few years we’ve had because of the pandemic, everyone deserves a few feel-good gifts this holiday season, so we encourage you to give this one a beauty gift.

Maybe your list is full of people who are interested in meditation, aromatherapy and fitness, beauty treatments, or maybe you are trying to nudge your friend to start a daily practice.

Wellness practices are actually more accessible than you think, and can also be a useful way of coping with anxiety.. And because wellness can take so many forms, there is no shortage of gifts that are aimed at the person who wants or needs to invest in self-care this year.

Giving someone a gift that helps them prioritise their well-being lets them know that you care, and there’s nothing stopping you from giving yourself one of these gifts either.

To make your holiday gift search a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best wellness gifts that can help everyone on your list of loved ones relax and prioritise their wellbeing.

Christmas gift ideas

Skin care products

Life can be overwhelming and most of us don’t take the time to truly nurture our mind and body. A gift focused on self-care is a great way to encourage a loved one to take some time to relax and unwind.

A home skincare gift basket is one way to do this. You can add to the basket some products that help you to take a bubble bath, bath bombs or oils. You can also add a facial scrub or a detox massage brush, so you can get rid of the old and enjoy silky smooth skin. Give the gift of beauty to that person you love so much or who deserves it.


Do you know someone who spends all their time in the gym or experimenting in the kitchen with healthy recipes? Are you a friend of a fitness addict? Fitness and healthy living can be really addictive, so if your friends need a gift to support their healthy and fit lifestyle, Why not give them books to help them broaden their knowledge?

The books not only provide entertaining reading time, but also inspire readers to create new recipes, do fitness challenges, change lifestyles and so on. So, if your family or friends are short of ideas or simply like to innovate in the kitchen, giving them a healthy recipe book can be a great alternative.

In this sense, it can also be interesting to give personal development books as gifts, since it helps you to relate better to your emotions, to calm stress, to cope better with your day to day life. And in many cases people who care about their physical wellbeing also care about their mental wellbeing, so with one of these works you will never go wrong when giving a gift.

Sports equipment

For those who love fitness and sport outdoors or at home, you’re sure to bring a smile to their faces with some sports equipment that they can use during their workouts.

To surprise your loved one, why not buy them a TRX suspension kit? TRX is a great way to stay fit at home or outdoors and provides a full body workout using body weight and gravity.

Apart from the TRX, there are many more training accessories that can be useful for home fitness enthusiasts: kettlebells, resistance bands, gymnastic rings, a pull-up bar… your imagination is the limit here.

Subscription cards for sports centres

Is there someone on your list of friends and family who likes fitness and healthy living, they’re sure to love a membership at a sports centre in town!. Increasingly, it is no longer necessary to go far away to practise a healthy lifestyle: almost any city has all kinds of interesting sporting offers.

This type of gift, where your loved ones can attend therapeutic exercise classes combined with dance, functional movement and weights, will be a hit that you won’t have any doubts about.

Cosmetic beauty treatments

If there’s one thing that’s definitely on everyone’s wish list this year, it’s some time to take a break and indulge in a little self-care. 

Whether your gift recipients want to relax with some epic wellness products or are willing to undergo aesthetic treatments to care for and improve the appearance of their skin from within. You can bet they appreciate the opportunity to treat themselves this festive season.

The best way for your loved one to take care of their skin is away from home, a gift card from Clínica Rigo Medicina Estética in Tarragona will come in handy. In our clinic we offer all types of non-surgical cosmetic procedures to treat conditions such as acne, facial blemishes, expression lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. Give beauty to that person you love so much, or better, give beauty to that person who always accompanies you, that is, to yourself.

You can pamper yourself with a specialised facial treatment without having to worry about cleaning, what to make for dinner or how to keep the children occupied. So, if you want to give someone on your list a great gift that they are sure to love, contact us on the Clinica Rigo in Tarragona.


Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time to buckle up and start managing your shopping so you can focus on enjoying the season with your loved ones. For health, wellness and beauty enthusiasts, finding them a nice touch can be easy if you know where to look. We hope these ideas will inspire you and make your shopping easier.

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