At Clínica Rigo we offer an advanced esthetic medicine services in Tarragona. We have created an esthetic medicine centre with the patient’s comfort and wellbeing in mind and we have the latest advances in esthetic medicine, nutrition, orthomolecular integrative medicine and nutritional coaching.

Frequently asked questions about the clinic

At Clínica Rigo we offer you empathy, passion for what we do, professionalism and respect. We carry out real and objective medical-aesthetic and nutritional diagnoses and treatments, with a guarantee and with products of the highest quality. We know how to offer the best of ourselves and nourish beauty and health, inside and out.

Cellulite is the aesthetic problem that worries 95% of the women who consult Clinica Rigo. The elimination of cellulite does not depend on a single technique, but on the combination of 3 fundamental techniques:

Shock waves and carboxytherapy are two of those scientifically proven treatments that manage to improve this pathology of the fatty tissue. When we combine these two treatments we achieve better results than when used individually.
In addition, in our clinic we apply a specific mesotherapy for cellulite with more than encouraging results. Without having to undergo surgery you will be able to show off healthy, cellulite-free legs.

Many patients are interested in eliminating the annoying and unsightly appearance of cellulite… but do not wish to undergo surgery. The answer is yes: we can minimise cellulite and, in some cases eliminate it, with minimally invasive methods.

At Clinica Rigo we offer treatment protocols that include: diagnosis, revision of regular diet, intensive mesotherapy treatment, carboxitherapy, radiofrequency, shock waves and, the latest, concentrated natural supplements specifically for internal elimination. A comprehensive treatment to achieve amazing and long-lasting results, come and see for yourself!

Body flaccidity is one of the reasons that patients consult the most, the answer I always give them is that there is a solution.

At Clínica Rigo we carry out body treatments and dietary supplements are indicated, which are so important that without them we would not achieve the expected results.

Most people go to the gym and do bodybuilding exercises that improve muscle tone but the response at the skin level is poor.

One of the pioneering treatments for flaccidity that we offer is carboxytherapy: a technique that increases the tone and firmness of the skin, increases circulation, oxygenates the tissues, increases the production of collagen and elastin, on the other hand we reinforce with silicon infiltrations in the area to be treated in the form of mesotherapy.

Organic silicon is responsible for the loss of elasticity of your skin, it is a chemical element and is essential for the formation of tissues such as bones, cartilage, nails, SKIN, hair and blood vessels, we offer you this effective supplementation to achieve visible changes.

The financing of treatments is simple and quick: with just your ID and telephone number you can finance from €1,200 and pay in easy instalments: You can immediately enjoy a medical-aesthetic treatment, with the control and professional monitoring and empathy of Clínica Rigo in Tarragona.



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