Rejuvenate your jawline with Jawline Sculpting

Did you know that one of the most obvious signs of aging is the sagging of the jawline? Although most people are aware of the effects of the passage of time on the skin, far fewer realize that with aging come significant changes to the deeper structures of the face.

As we age, the bones of the jaw and midface decrease, reducing the amount of scaffolding that supports the soft tissues of facial fat and skin. The effect of this is a loss of definition of the jawline, and aging of the neck, with less support for the neck muscles and other soft tissues.

The chin and jawline play a fundamental role in shaping the face and framing facial features. That is why solving this loss of firmness is essential to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Makeup artists emphasize the benefits of makeup contouring for a fashionably sculpted look. A growing selection of photo-editing applications make it easy to enhance and refine the jawline to the desired shape.

These methods may offer short-term benefits. What if you want effective, long-lasting, real-life results?

This is where the Jawline Sculpting treatment comes into play. A well-defined jawline and a more youthful and attractive appearance. In men it helps to achieve a strong, square jaw and chin, while in a female face it helps to achieve a softer, more feminine and rounded chin.

How does Jawline Sculpting work?

The Jawline Sculpting or Hyaluronic Acid Chin Lift treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Thanks to it, you will be able to achieve a more defined and firmer jawline, which will allow you to obtain a younger and more attractive appearance in a simple way and without having to undergo surgery.

The application of jawline fillers is administered through a series of small injections at multiple locations along the jawline. Normally these injections are not painful, although some people may experience mild levels of discomfort as they would with any other type of skin prick.

If this is the case, a topical anesthetic cream may be applied to help reduce the sensation in the jaw. The most common jawline fillers contain hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite and are particularly effective because they stimulate the body’s production of collagen while providing a filling effect.

Jawline sculpting for men

Attractiveness in men depends largely on achieving a masculine ideal of facial beauty that evokes strength and assertiveness. This can be achieved through desirable features such as well-defined high cheekbones, a visible square jaw and a pronounced chin.

In fact, some scientific studies have shown that a sharp and strong jawline in men gives them more sex appeal by denoting higher testosterone levels and a stronger immune system. Therefore, it is not surprising that many men choose to visually enhance and improve this area of their face.

The Jawline Sculpting is very popular with men who feel their face is too thin or oval and want to have a more chiseled profile. Improving the contour of a man’s jaw with fillers involves creating angles and straight lines to enhance the patient’s bone structure.

Jawline sculpting for women

Women who feel that aging has caused them to lose definition and want to regain a more youthful appearance with a jowl lift benefit greatly from the jaw definition procedure. In a woman, chin projection treatment involves creating softer, more feminine curves for a more attractive appearance.

Who is a good candidate for jaw definition treatment?

This treatment can benefit men and women who are dissatisfied with their jawline or who want to get rid of sagging jowls but are not ready for surgery. 

Chin projection treatment for men enhances the lateral projection of the bone structure and is often used to create a more chiseled appearance. In women, filler can thin the chin line creating a greater distinction between the face and neck. A small or receding chin can also be successfully corrected.

Why have a face masculinization treatment?

For chin projection treatment, you will need the expertise of highly qualified physicians. We have treated hundreds of patients with hyaluronic acid and other dermal fillers to augment and improve their chin lines. Our clinical team is available at all times to help you throughout your journey with us here at Clínica Rigo.

If you are considering undergoing chin projection treatment, it is important that you book an appointment at the clinic. During your in-depth consultation you will have the opportunity to describe the result you expect and we will be able to inform you about your options. 

The proposed treatment will be explained in detail, including the exact description of the procedure, the necessary preparation and all aspects of recovery. Of course, you can ask as many questions as you wish and learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the proposed procedures before deciding together on the next steps. 

As each person is unique, we adopt a comprehensive and personalized approach, and not two patients will receive the same treatment.

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