The chromoflash (chromoled) effect uses plant photosynthesis to produce collagen.


Rejuvenates, illuminates, regenerates, naturally and painlessly, anti-wrinkle, painless.


It is the part of a molecule responsible for its color, chromophores, in organic chemistry are responsible for the absorption of UV light, can be excited by absorbing energy at different wavelengths, causing benefits for damaged skin and / or degenerative processes.

In Clinica Rigo we offer numerous treatments based on scientific methodology of light to obtain benefits in the skin.
We use photodynamic peeling with led light, dermalux, post mesotherapy treatments, face lifts and more:

  • Visible light
  • UV
  • LED light
  • Dermalux
  • Flex
  • Etc.

How does it work?

This treatment is based on the based on the mechanism of photosynthesis. It requires a converter gel containing a patented chromophore and the Lumixa multi LED lamp.

While the gel absorbs the light from the LED, the chromophores in the photoconverter gel convert the light into dynamic fluorescent energy. This activation process through photobiomodulation stimulates the skin’s natural repair mechanisms.


What is microbiota and what role does it play in our skin?

Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites coexist on the surface of the skin. When the balance of the ecosystem is broken for different reasons (masks, pollution, etc.), different skin diseases can appear, such as acne or rosacea among others.

Microbiota is an ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms living in a particular environment. Different types can be found in each body system, such as respiratory and gastrointestinal.

The different skin microbes and their balance are essential for the health and appearance of the skin. Consequently, ahe microbiota in balance, acts as an invisible line of defense against potential aggressors that can stress the skin (exposome).

Just as in our intestinal flora, microorganisms and bacteria regulate digestive functions. Cromoflash would act in the same way as probiotics in our digestive tract, balancing our skin “flora”. Dermalux with its blue light is the light that balances the bacterial flora of the skin in the same way that yogurts do in our digestion.

Tratamiento Reafirmante Deluxe


The first law of photochemistry (Grotthus and Draper, 1818) says that only absorbed radiation can promote photochemical alterations. The absorption of ultraviolet radiation is visible and is the one that most often promotes photobiological reactions which are carried out by electronic modifications in the constituent atoms of the molecules. The basic and fundamental state of a molecule is altered by the absorption of the energy of a photon, circumstance in which the photon is extinguished, integrating its energy with that of the molecule. Each molecule is only capable of absorbing energy in a more or less long, but always limited, band of radiation, which is called the absorption spectrum of the substance.

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