Define your facial oval with accutite

What is AccuTite?

It is an advanced minimally invasive facial remodelling treatment, targeting small and localised areas of the body, neck, nasolabial folds and dark circles, obtaining results that previously could only be achieved with liposuction. It is the smallest device in the BodyTite by InMode range. Numerous clinical studies and publications support its efficacy and it is indicated for patients seeking to reduce localised fat and redensify the skin.

What is AccuTite?

Using RFAL technology (radiofrequency assisted lipolysis), it dissolves and eliminates excess localised fat while at the same time acting on the flaccidity of the skin, causing it to contract with excellent results.

Tratamiento AccuTite

How is it done at Clínica Rigo?

This aesthetic medicine treatment can only be performed by a doctor, who will first analyse your circumstances and possible contraindications.

In our practice, the areas to be treated are marked and then a gel is applied to make it easier for the external cannula to slide in and out. A small incision is then made through which a thinner cannula is inserted into the fatty tissue. What it does is to heat the fat until it dissolves, reducing the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Then, with prior skin anaesthesia, the first session of facial morpheus8 is performed to work on the outer layer of the skin and correct wrinkles, performing a full face with fractionated radiofrequency without facial fillers.

What does it achieve?

Firm and restore the facial contours, jawline, neck and jowls.
AccuTite is also indicated for more localised areas of the face such as eyebrows, eyelids or nasolabial folds. It can also be applied on the body: abdomen, armpits, biceps, hands, knees and inner thighs.

Advantages of the treatment

AccuTite is the new model in RF cosmetic medicine. The reasons for its success can be reduced to the following:

If you are looking to restore or redefine your facial contours, AccuTite is the right treatment for you.

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