Capillary Carboxitherapy

Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is an all-natural gas used to stimulate circulation and the production of new collagen for younger, firmer skin. Carbon dioxide gas is injected just below the surface of the skin, in this case into the scalp. In response, the body floods the treated area with oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood.

This stimulates the growth of new collagen and has a beneficial effect on the overall tone and appearance of the skin.

The carboxytherapy capillary is used to increase circulation, oxygenation of the tissue and prepares the skin for the infiltration of vitamins and products that we use for hair loss.

Why use the carboxytherapy service?

Body carboxytherapy is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide as the leading skin rejuvenation treatment and for its excellent benefits.


It is a safe method and requires no downtime.

The procedure requires no cuts or incisions, which makes it a completely safe treatment and you will be able to return to work and resume your normal activities after the procedure.


It is a minimally invasive treatment

Carboxytherapy treatment is administered through a specialized needle that delivers a controlled dose of CO2 gas. As mentioned above, it does not require incisions and therefore you will feel little or no discomfort during or after the treatment.


Rejuvenates, restores skin

By increasing the amount of blood entering the area, the supply of oxygen, stem cells and hormones increases. Skin cells become more active and thus accelerate the healing or production of new cells and neocollagenesis necessary for regeneration of the area.


Increases oxygenated blood flow in the injected area

By injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the area, we are helping the body to increase the amount of carbon dioxide. the flow of oxygen to the area. This forces the red blood cells to collect all the excess CO2 we inject so that it can be carried back to the lungs for elimination from the body with the next exhalation.


Stimulates collagen formation in the skin

The method uses very small injections of Co2 into localized areas of the body, in this case the scalp, which encourages the heart to promote oxygen to the blood cells and stimulate circulation. In this process, worn-out cells are replaced by new ones, as the body produces new collagen and increases the thickness of the skin.

Carboxiterapia Capilar

Frequently asked questions about carboxytherapy treatment

Depending on the area of the body involved, you may feel slight discomfort, pressure or a stinging sensation when the gas enters the skin.


The number of hair carboxytherapy treatment sessions you will need will depend on your individual needs and goals.

At Clinica Rigo Tarragona we will design a treatment program that suits your needs.

Typically, patients are recommended six to twelve sessions of capillary carboxytherapy, two sessions per week over several months. Patients usually notice significant improvement within two to six months.


First, you will have a consultation at Clinica Rigo in Tarragona to make sure you are suitable for treatment. Discomfort is minimized because the CO2 gas is heated during the procedure and all unwanted air is drained out and the gas is quickly absorbed by the body.

Carboxytherapy has been used safely and effectively in thousands of patients worldwide to treat their needs and achieve their goals.

Carboxitherapy, advanced aesthetic services for our patients in Tarragona

When considering the possibility of undergoing hair carboxytherapy in Tarragona, it is essential that you feel completely comfortable with the clinic and the medical team you are going to choose. At Clínica Rigo, we focus on the best care and safety of our patients.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information and support you need regarding carboxytherapy before and after treatment, to help you make the right decision and achieve optimal results. Our aftercare programs and review appointments are tailored to your exact needs to maximize your recovery and your results.

Our clinic offers a friendly, welcoming and sterile environment where you can safely receive the aesthetic treatments of your choice. We value that our clients’ needs are completely unique and we focus on individual treatment in a personalized manner.

Our doctors keep abreast of the latest advances in the field, but always make sure that any treatment we offer can provide safe and effective results ensuring that our patients feel relaxed and happy.

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