Neural therapy consists of the injection of a local anesthetic (PROCAINE) which is applied to sore spots, scars, subcutaneous lumps, glands, ganglia and peripheral nerves.

It is a complementary therapy and always adjuvant to the treatment of medical pathology following the guidelines established by conventional medicine that can be effective.

When would neural therapy be indicated?

In patients with muscle pain, joint pain generated by various acute and chronic pathologies that have left scars, symptoms of pain, itching…

For example, problems related to sports, such as chronic injuries that make it difficult to perform a regular sports activity.

Why do we get better with Neural therapy?

The Vegetative Nervous System is formed by a nervous network that interconnects the whole organism, from the closest to the farthest places, as well as it connects with the Central Nervous System. Ninety percent of the vegetative nervous system is at the cutaneous level and the rest is located in deep ganglia.

A simple explanation:
Imagine that the vegetative nervous system is a large highway with many lanes going in different directions. The deep ganglia would be the tolls, i.e., the centers that organize the direction that cars have to take to get to their place. If the lanes are clear, cars circulate normally, but if there is an obstacle on the road and, for example, several lanes are cut, traffic jams occur. Cars are then held up, and some opt for an alternative route to get to their location.

This example makes us understand that when there is an alteration in any part of the body, due to the integrating functional unit, alterations can be provoked in other places even if they are far away, an alteration that is not always immediate, but can sometimes appear some time later.

How is neural therapy performed?

A clinical history of the patient is taken, in addition to what I call a life history, since it allows us to know if the patient suffers from emotional problems beyond the current problem.

Once the case has been assessed, procaine infiltrations are performed in the specific areas decided by Dra. Rigo. It is a very painless technique that allows the patient to return to his or her social and working life immediately. The number of sessions varies, and sometimes only one session is sufficient.

Can I do other treatments at the same time as neural therapy?

Yes. It is recommended to perform the specific treatments that treat the different pathologies and to use neural therapy as a complementary therapy to help alleviate the discomfort generated by the pathology.

Clínica Rigo performs neural therapy combining ozonized serum therapy, intra-articular infiltrations, ozonized oils, LED therapy and multipolar radiofrequency to improve the discomfort of pain and inflammation can achieve improvement of the disease and often cure.

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