Lip augmentation, reshaping and hydration

As with our skin, the older we get, the more volume our lips lose and the worse they look. This is because over the years, the production of collagen that makes our lips plumper decreases. If you have noticed that yours have become slightly thinner than they used to be, or if you have always wanted fuller or symmetrical lips, you are in the right place.

Lip augmentation, reshaping and hydration treatments are among the most in-demand non-invasive treatments available today. This is due to their ability to plump or reshape the lips and provide a natural-looking smile without the need for surgery.

What are lip treatments for?

Lip treatments are a classic in aesthetic medicine. They are carried out with the aim of remodelling, outlining, moisturising and rejuvenating the lips, as well as the periorbuccal region. This area is very important as it is one of the most sensual and youthful elements of our face. When they are well hydrated, symmetrical and without signs of ageing, the lips can become one of our best allies.

With the passage of time, our lips become thinner and many wrinkles appear in the periorbuccal region, which are typical signs of ageing. These occur naturally, and in some people they are more accentuated than in others. The differences are related to extrinsic factors (exposure to sunlight, smoking, diet, etc.) and intrinsic factors (genetic or hereditary factors).

The key to improving the aesthetics of the lips lies in achieving the right balance between the upper and lower lip. If we achieve this balance, the result will be a harmonious whole that will make your face more attractive.

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Hyaluronic acid lip treatment

Many people, both women and men, are increasingly concerned about achieving attractive, youthful-looking lips. However, there is still a concern about achieving disproportionate and exaggerated lips as a result of cosmetic surgery. 

This distorted image that many people have in mind is the result of treatments that were performed in the past and some centres still use permanent materials such as silicones and acrylates, among others. These techniques, which cause exaggerated and lumpy lips, have nothing to do with the most commonly used procedure for lip augmentation, remodelling and hydration today: hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan, i.e. a substance naturally present in our body. It is mainly found in the skin, tendons and joints and is responsible for the firmness and youthful appearance of our bodies. Unfortunately, it is being lost through natural ageing.

Results of HA treatment

Treatments with this substance achieve natural results with little discomfort. The benefits of lip touch-ups with hyaluronic acid include the following:

Hyaluronic Acid Lip Augmentation

At the Clinica Rigo in Tarragona we perform this technique in several phases:


We outline the lip contour, redrawing the cupid's bow, columns and philtrum.


We augment the upper or lower lip depending on the proportions requested by the patient and depending on the shape of the lip.


We infiltrate the upper lip area correcting if necessary the bar code (gesture on the upper lip) and small wrinkles around it.

Lip treatment produces a redefined lip contour that results in a more youthful and more attractive appearance.

The type of hyaluronic acid filler used in the procedure is determined by the area of the lip to be enhanced and the type of result desired, whether it is definition such as shape or volume enhancement.

The gels come in a pre-filled syringe. When the gel is injected into the lips, it plumps and cushions the lip itself, immediately increasing volume and size.

Restylane, Teoxane and Juvederm hyaluronic acids are the most commonly used fillers to augment the lips in an attractive and natural way.

Lip reshaping with hyaluronic acid

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HA lip treatments also serve to reshape the lips and give them a more attractive appearance. In this case the doctor applies the hyaluronic acid in the first session and the results are reviewed in 2 weeks. Sometimes product needs to be added at the check-up.

These treatments create a more defined, attractive and fuller lip shape. Lip reshaping includes a series of treatments that aim to enhance and fill out the lip while respecting its anatomy; and perioral areas are also used if necessary, to achieve a rejuvenation of the entire area. 

Before carrying out the treatment, an aesthetic diagnosis is made to assess what is most convenient and necessary in each case, which is why the treatment is personalised. In this sense, various factors are taken into account, such as:

Lip Moisturising

As we age, we naturally lose collagen and hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin look drier and more dehydrated.

Lip fillers with hyaluronic acid can help your lips look more hydrated. Generally a combination of lip fillers and a recognised brand balm is the best combination for attractive, moisturised lips.

Frequently asked questions about lip treatment

Most people automatically assume that lip fillers are only used for plumper lips. However, lip augmentation, reshaping and moisturising treatments are suitable for anyone who wants to improve the overall appearance of their mouth and face, whether it is plumping, removing fine lines that appear with age, balancing uneven volume in one or both lips, correcting them or extending the lip line.

Lip injections can be performed to improve overall volume or to recede fine lines that create the appearance of wrinkles. 

Injections around the lip contour can enhance the edges of the lip or reshape the lip line to your liking. When concentrated around the corners of the mouth, fillers can lift the edges of the lips, literally turning the frown upside down.

However, before having a lip treatment it is necessary that you contact a professional to see what is the best solution for you. Contact the clinic and we will advise you on the most suitable alternatives for your case.

You will be able to see the results of the lip treatment instantly, but there is usually a slight swelling caused by the procedure at first. The full effect of the filler is seen after four weeks, when this swelling has subsided and the filler has integrated into the skin.

On the other hand, although the result is long-lasting, it is not permanent. Most of the effects last between 4 and 8 months, depending on the patient (age, sex, skin condition).

Treatments are personalised and each person’s needs are different. Contact Clínica Rigo Medicina Estética and we will advise you on everything you need to help you reshape your lips. 

At Clínica Rigo in Tarragona we offer you personalised and professional treatment, and our treatments always follow the latest scientific advances. We look forward to helping you improve your health and wellbeing.

If you are thinking of having a lip augmentation, lip reshaping or getting a more hydrated-looking mouth, there is no safer alternative than our hyaluronic acid lip treatment. With it, you don’t have to go under surgery and we only use substances naturally present in the body.


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