Facial Bioplastyis the art of sculpting the face in a natural way with no cuts, no pain, no scars and a short recovery time.

It is performed with biomaterials and products compatible with the human body, resorbable that activate collagen and elastin producing a harmonious and natural facial rejuvenation.

How to tighten the skin without surgery?


To increase the quality of the skin and unify the color, in Clinica Rigo we use the latest technology from photodynamic chemical peelings, laser&IPL equipment, fractional radiofrequency Morpheus8.


Act on flaccidity: correct the loss of volume in a natural way, increase the redensification of the skin for this we use products called collagen inducers that produce a stimulation of endogenous collagen and increased elastin.

What are the collagen inducers we use?

The most popular are polydioxanone tensor threads, these can be spiculated or monofilaments. They achieve a very immediate and effective lifting effect to reduce flaccidity, neck wrinkles, jaw arch and cheekbones.

Most commonly used collagen inducers:


Reconstitute facial volumes with hyaluronic acid of various densities: nasolabial fold area, cheekbones, temporal area, mandibular angle, chin projection, bar code, nasal area and lips.


We apply neuromodulator products to relax expression wrinkles between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and frontal area.


  1. We finish with a mesotherapy; which are infiltrations with fine needle, we place vitamins and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid for the regeneration of the epidermis to protect us from external aggressions.

  2. We finish with dermalux triwave LED photodynamic therapy for 20-40 minutes to relax, increase circulation, activate collagen, decrease inflammation, prevent infection, and minimize the duration of bruising.
Bioplastia Facial

Who is Bioplasty for?

People from 45 years old – 60 years old

Duration of treatment

Maintenance should be annual. It should be noted that every year you will need fewer products and if you also follow our anti-aging medina advice, you will not only rejuvenate on the outside but also on the inside.

Benefits of having a Facial Bioplasty

Improve skin quality
Redensify and tone the skin
Increasingly minimizing the signs of aging
Increased self-esteem
Improvement of their physical and psychological state, since there are multiple scientific studies that support the use of anti-aging products and the beneficial psychological impact they have.

READY to improve your appearance?

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