Do you want to change your life?

Have you reached a point in your life where you are ready for a change? Are there aspects that you think could improve your life, help you to be more satisfied and allow you to achieve your goals? Clinica Rigo’s life-changing method in Tarragona is the service you need:

Step 1: Nutrition

Nutricion con Clinica Rigo

At Clínica Rigo we use an advanced nutritional medical method, with its corresponding analytical and scientifically contrasted tests, with the support of one of the best nutrition laboratories in the world: 

Step 2: High intensity exercises

We are made to move and taking care of your body involves physical activity. At Clínica Rigo we help you to achieve this with an exercise program that adapts in a personalized way.

Nutricion con Clinica Rigo

Step 3: Nutritional coaching

Nutricion con Clinica Rigo

At Clínica Rigo we offer integral solutions. Our treatments include a nutritional coaching service performed by a psychologist, to accompany you in your weight loss treatment and thus achieve the expected result permanently over time.

We are convinced that diets alone in most cases do not work properly: you manage to lose weight during the diet period, but after a while it is regained again incorporating into your life another failed attempt.

Ready to improve your appearance?

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