Lifting without surgery with tensor threads

The tensor threads are sutures that are placed under the epidermis producing the repositioning of the skin in areas where it is necessary to increase elasticity, increase volume or outline the facial architecture. This is an easy and minimally invasive treatment that now makes it possible to lift and tighten the skin, achieving results similar to those of a surgical facelift. 

Thread lift treatment leaves the face firmer, tighter and more youthful looking and offers results that can last for 18 months or more. It is one of the most innovative treatments we offer at Clínica Rigo Medicina Estética.

As we age, the body’s collagen production slows down and facial volume begins to diminish. This contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and other signs of ageing. 

This treatment, often known simply as thread lift treatment, can help improve wrinkled skin and tighten a jowl that has begun to sag; or it can alleviate the appearance of lines and creases in the face. It offers a comprehensive rejuvenation of the face and can help you look noticeably more rested and refreshed.

What exactly are tensor threads?

Thread lift treatment involves placing threads under the skin that support the face from below, providing an immediate lifting effect on sagging skin. The threads, which are made from a material used in surgical sutures and injected into place, also stimulate collagen production, which further plumps and smoothes the skin over the next few weeks.

These threads are available in different shapes and textures, and can be injected in different ways to achieve the patient’s desired result, whether it is more volume or lifted skin. After about six months, once they have done their job under the skin, the threads dissolve on their own.

What are tensor threads used for?

Thread lift treatment has become very popular recently. This is because it is a non-invasive treatment that produces similar effects to a surgical facelift without the pain and downtime of surgical alternatives. Here is a summary of the benefits that thread lifts can bring to your skin:

  • An instant lift. Tightening threads reposition and support sagging skin caused by ageing. 
  • No downtime. Thread lift treatment requires only two to three days of downtime.
  • Long-term results. In addition to instantly lifting the skin, the soluble thread component also gradually stimulates collagen production. The result is a more youthful, fuller complexion that lasts for approximately 18 months.
  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. The threads work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles because they stimulate the production of new collagen.
  • Firmer skin. Again, due to their stimulating effect, the threads will naturally tighten the skin over time, helping to reduce any traces of facial sagging.

What are the different types of thread tighteners?

Not all patients have the same needs and characteristics. For this reason, in our clinic we have different types of specific tightening threads for different situations. The types of reabsorbable threads that we use at Clínica Rigo in Tarragona are the following.

Silhouettesoft tensile threads

SilhouetteSoft sutures are resorbable tensor threads that achieve a flaccidity correction effect (lifting effect) with a minimally invasive application. They are the result of the evolution of the previously existing SilhouetteLift threads.

These resorbable threads have polylactic acid cones arranged along the length of the thread, and are placed under the skin with a fine needle. The cones allow the threads to anchor to the tissue structures to easily tighten the tissues and correct sagging.

This type of thread is placed under the dermis, allowing a long-lasting, natural and reversible result to be obtained. The duration of its effect is approximately 18 to 24 months.

It is important to note that polylactic acid has the capacity to stimulate the skin and generate the synthesis of new collagen. Therefore, although they are reabsorbed over an average period of two years, the improvement in collagen quality will last longer.

Hilos Tensores en Tarragona
Hilos Tensores en Tarragona

Monofilament and spiculated polydioxanone tensile threads

This new generation consists of polydioxanone and polylactic acid tensor threads. It is a new, longer-lasting technology with better results. Like the other alternatives, it is a minimally invasive, painless technique with short and long-term results.

New generation of tensor threads: Polycaprolactone

At Clínica Rigo we have introduced the 6th Generation of suture made from a biodegradable polymer known for its capacity for absorption and biodegradation, as well as for its high resistance and flexibility.

This type of tensor thread has a series of advantages, among which are some of the following:

  • They have a long resorption period, so their collagen-inducing action lasts up to two years. 
  • They are malleable. Its presence does not cause discomfort to the patient as it is a flexible material that adapts to the anatomy of the area where it has been implanted. In addition, its flexibility and elasticity allow it to accompany the movements of the facial muscles. 
  • Well-known and well-proven material. Polycaprolactone has been used for years as a dermal filler under the trade name Ellansé. 
  • It is a highly safe treatment. It is metabolised by hydrolysis and disappears by biological reabsorption without leaving residues or causing any adverse reactions.
  • Slow degradation. Polycaprolactone may remain stable for up to two years before complete resorption.
Hilos Tensores en Tarragona

Frequently asked questions about treatment

Tightening threads are made of a biodegradable polymer that is slowly absorbed by the body over time. Depending on your needs, we can use threads made from different materials.

The total price of the treatment will depend on how many threads are inserted. Book an appointment with Dr. Rigo to discuss treatment options based on your needs and goals and to provide you with a detailed, personalised quote.

Compared to other injectable cosmetic treatments, thread lift treatment is notable for its long-lasting results. For example, injections of many dermal fillers often provide results that last less than a year. Results vary between patients, but the effect of thread lifts typically lasts 18 months or more.

One of the positive aspects of this treatment is that it offers immediate lift and support to the skin, while stimulating long-term renewal through collagen production.

This means that you will notice some initial firming immediately and that the results will fully develop over six months. Results vary from patient to patient, but most patients enjoy a new look for 18 months.

Thread lift treatment is based on atraumatic methods and is considered a relatively painless procedure. However, even a small puncture requires anaesthesia. 

Therefore, for the comfort of patients, local anaesthesia is used, which involves the introduction of an anaesthetic solution into the puncture site and over the contour of the thread implantation. 

In most patients, implantation does not cause painful sensations. However, the anaesthesia may cause some discomfort, slight unpleasant sensations at the beginning of the procedure and after the procedure when the anaesthesia ceases.


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