Rejuvenation of the epidermis and superficial dermis with chemical peelings

As we age, dead skin cells do not slough off as easily as when we are younger, making the skin appear duller. Chemical peelings are a popular non-surgical procedure used to remove the top layer of skin and improve sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin. 

Improving the evenness of skin colour and texture creates a youthful appearance and restores a healthy, luminous and radiant look. This is why this is one of the most popular and safest procedures at Clinica Rigo in Tarragona.

All chemical peelings rejuvenate the epidermis as well as the superficial and mid dermis. However, in the dermis there is an increased production of type I collagen, which helps to eliminate superficial wrinkles and improve deep and medium wrinkles. This helps to give you a more youthful appearance, with more luminosity, freshness and uniformity of the skin.

Contact the Clinica Rigo and take the first step towards younger, more attractive skin today.

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels can improve the appearance of the skin. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which causes the skin to peel off the dead layers. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

After a chemical peel, the skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sun, so sunscreen should be used every day. It should be labelled as broad-spectrum, which means it protects against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

In addition to this you should also limit the time you spend in the sun, especially between 10am and 2pm, and wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Peelings químicos en tarragona

Types of chemical peels used in the clinic

Currently these are the types of peelings that we use and the combination between them…


Especially recommended for patients with acne.


It stimulates the dermis and also has a moisturising effect.


It is anti-inflammatory and depigmenting.


It stimulates collagen formation, improves radiance and is a depigmenting agent.


Stimulates collagen and elastin. It is ideal for skin with fine wrinkles as it stimulates firming.

Nomelam phenol

Acts on fine and deep wrinkles. Evens out skin colour, stimulates collagen and elastin formation.


(Trichloroacetic acid). It acts on the dermis, medium-deep epidermis. It also remodels the skin, improving wrinkles, texture and colour.

How does this treatment work?

Chemical peels work by using acids within the peel that raise the acidity of the skin to a pH level of about 3.8. Normally, skin has a pH of around 5.5, and the change in pH level chemically loosens the cells that cause the junction between dead skin and healthy skin. 

As this bond is chemically loosened, exfoliation occurs, as the dead skin is removed to reveal the healthy skin underneath. This process encourages the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

What are chemical peels used for?

Chemical peels are an effective treatment for many skin conditions, such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne. They are also often used to treat melasma, which is a pigmentation disorder.

Chemical peels also reduce the risk of certain skin cancers. This treatment also removes the upper layers of the skin, including the epidermis, where most pre-cancerous growths develop. For this reason they can also be used to treat actinic keratosis, a potentially cancerous lesion that develops due to sun exposure.

Chemical peels cannot treat deep facial lines or wrinkles, nor can they tighten loose, sagging skin. Nor can they remove deep scars. If this is what you are interested in achieving, please contact us so that we can recommend the best treatment for you.

Frequently asked questions about the treatment

Peelings can be applied to different parts of the body such as the face, décolleté, elbows, hands, back, knees and genital area. In this sense, if you have any doubts, please contact the clinic and we will answer all your questions about this treatment.

Chemical peels are not a one-size-fits-all solution for all skin imperfections. During the initial skin consultation, Dra. Rigo will discuss with you your health history. This will allow us to predict and prevent any possible complications from the peel. 

If it turns out that you are not a candidate for this procedure, Dra. Rigo will suggest alternative treatments that are better suited to your needs.

However, in the vast majority of cases there will be no problem with a chemical peel. If you believe that this treatment can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, book an initial consultation and we will carry out a preliminary assessment.

The most common candidate for a chemical peel is a person with sun-damaged skin, uneven pigmentation and/or actinic keratosis. Sun damage causes fine wrinkles, thinning skin, sun spots and a precursor to skin cancers called actinic keratosis. Skin peels also treat acne scars.

As far as chemical peels are concerned, you can start having them in your late teens or early twenties to treat acne, acne scars and early signs of sun damage. There is no age limit for this treatment, and many women over 65 have them successfully.

The prices of this treatment will be based on the needs of each patient, the type of chemical peel performed, and the number of sessions required for your goals. Contact Clinica Rigo and we will advise you on everything you need to know. 

At Clinica Rigo in Tarragona we offer you personalised and professional treatment, and our treatments always follow the most recent scientific advances

The number of sessions needed to see results depends on the condition being treated. For example, if you are dealing with problems such as sun damage or acne, several chemical peels will be necessary. 

After each peel some improvement will be seen, but usually a series of 6 sessions is needed every few weeks depending on what is being treated until the desired results are achieved and the full effect is seen.


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