When skin laxity is more of a concern than fat removal, BodyTite treatment may be the perfect solution to your problems.

The non-surgical, non-scarring alternative to liposuction with BodyTite works through the use of radiofrequency, which allows a body remodelling effect to be achieved. This is an innovative and cutting-edge treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine for body contouring.

The Bodytite procedure is suitable for both men and women who have unwanted fat in specific areas and do not wish to undergo surgery to remove it.

In this regard, BodyTite offers a minimally invasive procedure that provides surgical results without large incisions, with minimal downtime and long-lasting, visible results.

Why use BodyTite?

In addition to melting away excess oil, Bodytite treatment also tightens the surrounding skin.creating a smoother, more sculpted appearance in the treated areas. But this is not its only benefit. Below are the five main benefits of BodyTite treatment.


Elimination of stubborn grease

If you have stubborn fat deposits anywhere on your body, BodyTite can quickly melt them away. In this sense it is a great alternative to traditional liposuction.


Skin tightening

BodyTite treatment is an attractive procedure for many people compared to other similar procedures because of its skin tightening effects. This procedure avoids the sagging of the skin that is often associated with other forms of rapid fat reduction.

The energy used through radiofrequency also stimulates collagen production to make the treated skin more supple and youthful looking.


Minimum downtime

Unlike surgical liposuction, which may require stitches and a few weeks of recovery, BodyTite is minimally invasive.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and uses very small incisions that do not require stitches. After the BodyTite procedure, you should be able to return to your normal activities within two weeks.It is recommended to wear a compression garment for approximately one month. The compression garment reduces swelling and can help ensure optimal results.


Immediate results

A BodyTite session can last as little as half an hour.but still allows you to achieve results quickly. Since BodyTite involves fat removal, you should be able to see a slimmer contour immediately. However, you may experience some swelling after the procedure, so you will see the full results after the swelling goes down.


Lasting effects

Because BodyTite permanently removes fat and shrinks the surrounding tissues, you can expect the results to last for years.results to last for years. That’s right, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise regime in order to maintain your new fitness consistently.

Frequently asked questions about BodyTite treatment

Bodytite, advanced liposuction technology for our patients in Tarragona, Spain.

How much does the BodyTite treatment cost?

The price of the BodyTite will depend on the size and number of areas you wish to treat. We know that undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as this can be a significant investment. That is why at Clinica Rigo in Tarragona we will study your case and will be happy to help you achieve your goals. Contact us for more information.

What areas can be treated with BodyTite?

In the clinic of Dr. Rigo, Bodytite treatment is used for facial tightening: dark circles under the eyes, excess fat in the nasolabial fold, defining the mandibular third and eliminating jowls.

When will I be able to resume my daily activities?

You will be able to return to more sedentary activities within 3-5 days after the BodyTite procedure, but you should consider taking a little more time for activities that run at a higher pace and/or require a lot of physical activity.

As for the recovery period, it is wise to allow about 7 days after surgery. You should wear a compression garment for the first two weeks, both day and night, and only remove it when you shower, which you can do 24 hours later.

The stitches of the small incisions are removed after 10 days. At this point many patients begin to reintroduce exercise slowly and steadily. Note that it is important that the exercise curve is gradual to keep swelling to a minimum.

If you have any questions about this either before or after the BodyTite procedure, our team will be happy to advise you according to your personal circumstances.

Are there any side effects of Bodytite treatment?

The Bodytite procedure is safe and minimally invasive. However, you may experience redness, swelling, minor bruising and tenderness. All of this should disappear in a couple of days, and generally, symptoms should not exceed 5 days.

It is also very common for patients to experience slight bleeding at the incision sites. After treatment, these small incisions will be stitched and covered with a pad to retain any leakage, but it is perfectly normal after the Bodytite procedure to see an orange or pinkish tinge to the incisions.

Sometimes it may look like you have a little blood, which is also no cause for alarm. This will usually disappear in the first 24 to 48 hours.

If you are considering the possibility of undergoing scarless liposuction treatment with Bodytite, it is important that you book a consultation at Clinica Rigo in Tarragona.. You will have the opportunity to describe the outcome you are hoping for, and Dr. Rigo will be able to inform you about your options. We have the highest quality equipment in the market to guarantee the best and optimal results.

Any proposed skin rejuvenation treatment will be explained in detail.. You will be able to ask as many questions as you wish and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the recommended procedures before deciding together on the way forward.

As each person is unique, the Dra. Rigo adopts a comprehensive and personalized approach for each patient based on your personal needs and objectives. We pride ourselves on being the only clinic in Tarragona with a wide range of skin care and rejuvenation treatments.

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