Weight loss without invasive procedures, surgery, anesthesia or endoscopy.

The Ellipse Balloon is a gastric balloon that is swallowed by mouth with a little water. It is a capsule that contains the balloon and is attached to a thin catheter, which is removed once the filling process is completed.

Treatment with the elliptical balloon

In Clinica Rigo we offer this treatment because it does not require any sedation or endoscopic process to introduce the balloon in the stomach. It is only necessary to perform a radiographic control of a few minutes to verify its correct implantation. Once the capsule is swallowed and reaches the stomach, the balloon is filled with 550 cc of purified water and we check with X-rays that it is well placed and full.

Balón elipse para perder peso en tarragona

What does it feel like after an elliptical balloon implantation?

The first few days you may feel nausea or discomfort, which will disappear in a short time. In these cases medication is prescribed to minimize these symptoms and make the patient feel better. The diet during the first three days will consist of a liquid diet and little by little, as the patient feels well, he/she will be able to incorporate solid food. The feeling of satiety provided by the Elipse balloon allows the patient to successfully start and maintain the whole parallel process of acquiring healthy habits. A multidisciplinary team will be at your side to help you.

Balón elipse para perder peso en tarragona

How long does the elliptical balloon remain in the stomach?

The time the balloon remains in the stomach is approximately 16 weeks (4 months).

How much weight can be lost with this type of balloon?

Depending on each case and type of overweight or obesity, during the time the balloon implantation lasts, it is possible to lose at least 10-15 Kg. The weight loss is related to the initial BMI, the degree of motivation of each patient and the subsequent follow-up carried out in the dietetics and psychology service.

How to remove the ellipse ball?

Removal of the balloon does not require an endoscopic process, nor any type of sedation, since it disintegrates in a gradual manner and is eliminated naturally by the body, both the liquid it contains and the material from which it is made (silicone). For the placement and removal of the gastric balloon.

The Ellipse Balloon is implanted and removed without surgery, anesthesia or endoscopy. It is important to remember that the most important and critical part of any weight loss process is the change that the patient must make by adopting eating and lifestyle habits that must be maintained once the balloon is removed.

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