Is Velashape III the best non-invasive body contouring treatment?

Many people today are bothered by cellulite in some areas of their body. The most common areas where cellulite can develop are the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, arms and knees.
VelaShape III treatment helps to precisely combat the presence of stubborn cellulite, loose skin and localized fat in these and other areas..

VelaShape III represents the latest in cutting-edge technology for non-invasive body contouring. The treatment is effective for cellulite reduction, skin tightening and fat reduction. on versatile areas of the body such as: arms, thighs, buttocks or abdomen. In addition, VelaShape III dramatically improves skin tone and texture, leaving the skin looking younger and smoother.

Whether you are unhappy with your body after childbirth or gravity has taken its toll over the years, VelaShape III can help. The treatment is an ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle. Also can increase the density of the dermis by triggering collagen production for thicker, firmer skin..

Through a combination of infrared light, mechanical massage, pulsed vacuum and radiofrequency, your body receives a cellulite-reducing deep tissue massage in the affected areas. It is the only technology that brings together all of these cutting-edge therapies to produce visible aesthetic and therapeutic changes in your body..

Even as VelaShape III is contouring your body and reducing cellulite, it is also stimulating blood flow and circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, inducing the detoxification processIt is also stimulating blood flow and circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, inducing the detoxification process, increasing collagen production and improving metabolism at the cellular level.

Why is Velashape III the best body reshaping treatment?

1- No downtime required

As it is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatmentThere is no downtime associated with VelaShape III. Most patients find VelaShape III comfortable and compare the treatment to a warm deep tissue massage.

You may experience a warm sensation for a few hours after treatment.. Some patients report a pinkish appearance at the treatment site that may last for a few hours after treatment.

2- Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Once cellulite forms, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Cellulite treatment areas may include the neck, arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Most patients see gradual, cumulative results over the course of the treatment regimen. On average, the abdomen needs about 4 treatments to see results, while the most stubborn areas of cellulite may need up to 10.

Skin tightening allows for long term results and additional short term results.which makes maintenance sessions very popular just before the vacations.

3- Improved skin tone

In addition to cellulite reduction, Velashape III also improves skin texture and firmness.. The heat used during a Velashape procedure stimulates collagen production and provides younger looking skin.

4- It offers the possibility of combining it with other procedures.

Patients who have undergone previous surgical body contouring procedures choose VelaShape III to touch up their results without undergoing any additional surgery. It’s a great way to maintain the results..

5- Can be used on any type of skin

VelaShape III can be used on any skin tone or skin type. LCandidates for Velashape are men and women with loose skin on the hips, abdomen, legs, thighs, buttocks or on the hips, abdomen, legs, thighs or buttocks or with visible cellulite.

Best results will be visible 12 weeks after 6 treatments and results last up to 12 months. results last up to 12 months. To maintain results, a Velashape III treatment is recommended every 3 months.

How do I know if it is the right treatment for me?

One of the best reasons to consider undergoing a VelaShape III treatment is that there are no significant contraindications to this procedure. Almost everyone has the potential to be a good candidate..

The only caveat is that if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, have recently had a serious medical problem or surgery, have just recovered from a significant injury or illness, are pregnant or breastfeeding, always we encourage you to consult with a medical professional to discuss when it is time for your VelaShape III treatments..

Otherwise, the VelaShape III technology can be used safely and effectively as an anti-cellulite and anti-aging treatment for VelaShape III technology can be used safely and effectively as an anti-cellulite and anti-aging treatment for anyone of any age.. It is also a preventive measure if treatment is started before physical signs appear.

In particular, if you have suffered from an imbalance of body proportions in the lower body such as the abdomen, pelvis, buttocks and hips due to the presence of cellulite, VelaShape III, combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, can make a big difference in your body confidence from the very first treatment..

Velashape III in Tarragona

Overall, Velashape III treatment is the best alternative to reshape the body contour. . In addition to reducing fat, cellulite treatment with Velashape III is effective in toning and shaping the body. It also firms loose or sagging skin, restoring confidence when wearing revealing clothing.

VelaShape III is the best option to prevent and correct the effects of aging on the body.. It is a completely safe, effective and comfortable treatment when performed correctly by an expert and certified physician. 

At Clínica Rigo Medicina Estética in Tarragona, we want every experience to be amazing. You can rest assured that you will be in excellent hands.. We only work with high quality techniques and products oriented to provide the best results. Book a consultation with us to determine if the treatment is right for you.

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