Rejuvenation with laser treatment: myths and certainties

As we move into the new millennium, it is increasingly evident that the use of lasers and modern technologies are entering the most exciting phase of their development. Laser treatment is commonly used to remove facial wrinkles and skin irregularities..

The pulsating light beams focus on uneven skin and remove unwanted skin layer by layer. Ultimately, it helps to improve skin texture and overall appearance. Laser resurfacing treatments are often seen as a hallmark of modern technology, and at Clínica Rigo Cosmetic Medicine in Tarragona, we can certainly vouch for the fantastic results they are capable of.

But we have found that, for many people, laser treatments still seem a mysterious frontier and are not fully understood. This has led to myths and rumours abound, which can actually stop patients from seeking the treatments that could make a world of difference to their self-confidence.

To clear up the doubts and myths, let’s address some of the most common myths about laser resurfacing treatments that circulate.

10 myths and certainties about laser treatments

1- Dark-skinned people cannot undergo laser treatments.

Although skin tone influences the details of laser procedures, many modern lasers have adjustable settings to accommodate all skin types.

There are rare cases where the risks of side effects are too high, so it is important to look for a highly experienced aesthetic laser treatment clinic that can offer you a true recommendation.

2- Laser resurfacing treatments require a lot of downtime.

Laser treatments can be used for anything from laser hair removal to deep exfoliation or scar repair.

Recovery time will depend on the specific procedure you undergo, and while some require very little downtime, others will allow you to return immediately to your normal daily activities.

3- Lasers can only improve the surface of the skin.

One of the factors that differentiates one laser resurfacing treatment from another is the wavelength of light used.

Each laser is designed to target different aesthetic problems, so while some are perfect for superficial imperfections, others can go deeper to impact blood vessels or even unwanted fat.

4- Laser treatments can cause cancer

This is probably the most common and frightening rumour going around, but you can be absolutely sure that laser treatments will not cause cancer.. The wavelengths used in a cosmetic laser treatment are limited to a safe area, so no radiation is emitted.

5- Laser treatments are too expensive

Laser treatments are actually more affordable than most patients realise, especially when compared to the alternatives. For example, if you add up the money you would spend on buying cosmetic products for wrinkles over the next few decades and compare it to the cost of laser resurfacing treatment.

Our prices at Clínica Rigo Medicina Estética in Tarragona are quite affordable so that all our patients can get the look they have always wanted.

6- Laser treatments can cause burns

All modern lasers use the theory of photothrombolysis, which means that the laser light specifically seeks out and destroys only the desired target.

7- Laser treatments weaken the skin

Some types of lasers are known as ablative lasers. They help to smooth and improve the appearance of the skin by first destroying the top layer of skin. New skin cells grow and replace older, damaged skin cells. Ablative lasers, like non-ablative lasers, promote collagen production beneath the skin’s surface.

The belief that lasers weaken the skin may be due to the fact that the most powerful lasers damage the skin in order to improve it.. People undergoing ablative laser treatment usually have to cover their healing skin with balms and avoid sun exposure while healing. The treated skin remains raw and reddened, usually for some time.

But laser treatments end up strengthening the skin, rather than weakening it. Collagen production provides more support and scaffolding to the top layer of skin. This makes the skin look and feel firmer and younger.

8- Laser treatments expose the skin to infection.

Laser treatments do not cause infections, since the skin is not opened to expose the inner layers or veins. There is very little risk of infection as the nature of the treatment is very different.

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9- Laser treatments are painful

Laser treatment by an experienced doctor should not be painful.. During treatment, many patients report a slight tingling sensation, however, they say that they get used to this sensation within a few minutes and do not feel it as much.

For lasers containing a little more strength or when used on sensitive areas of the skin, topical anaesthesia can be applied and is also available at the patient’s request.

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10- Laser treatments are not necessary

There are many physical problems and illnesses for which the use of lasers is indispensable.. There are no medications or creams that can permanently remove scars, birthmarks, tattoos, unwanted hair, etc.

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Laser treatments in Tarragona

The best way to find out the truth about laser resurfacing treatments is to ask an expert. To find out more about laser treatments, schedule a consultation at the Rigo Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Tarragona. Our team is highly experienced and licensed in laser treatments to guarantee you the best results.

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